The legendary, most unforgettable bodybuilder of all times, Sergio Oliva The Myth, the only man to have ever won the Mr. Olympia title uncontested now at last tells all. His early childhood, his daring escape from a communist country and how he developed his one in a lifetime, out of this world, Herculean and powerful body with perfect symmetry and mind blowing proportions that made him the most muscular and incredible body of all time.

Learn the facts behind the world’s most prestigious and famous contests. Get a front row seat as Sergio describes his confrontations with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nothing is held back as Sergio speaks his mind, in a way that will shock you like no other book ever has. Sergio discusses Bodybuilding Politics, Drugs and more. In it you will also find thrilling action and suspense unlike any other bodybuilder’s book.

Maximum Muscle Development
Get Massive Routine
Nutrition for the Classic Aesthetic Body
Losing Body Fat/Gain Muscle Weight
Symmetry, Proportion and Incredible Shape
A Seminar with Sergio - Over 100 Q & A's
Sergio Oliva's Training Secret Routines
Steroids - GH, Interaction of Growth Hormones
How to Avoid Injuries
Mature Bodybuilding - Gain - Lose Weight
Get in Shape Routines for Women
Youngsters and Bodybuilding
The Power of Cardio
The Myth's Health Recipes
Eating Out Smarts
Music, Sex and Laughter
Traveling Exercises
Free Exercises Routines and much more

Over 300 pages and over 400 photos

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Foreword Written By: Robert Kennedy